Hello, I’m Chad Eisenhart.

I was born and raised in York PA.  I grew up and lived in the same house all through my childhood.  My parents stayed together my entire life so I had a pretty stable life. My dad was an electrician and my mom a teacher and stay at home parent/house wife.

My parents instilled a very strong work ethic and never let us quit things we started.  They were also very thrifty, both traits stay with me today.

I graduated Central York High School in 1989.  I did not apply my self at all in high school. In my senior year in work study, I realized I don’t want to do these crappy jobs for the rest of my life.  I started applying my self and went to York College part time that fall.  That following year I transferred to Shippensburg University.



Summer 1992 – Road Trip Maui

During the summer of 1992 I moved to Maui, Hawaii and worked at the Hard Rock Cafe for 3 months.  I lived right outside the town Lahaina, road my bike most places and at somepoint bought a lava-poolsbeater car to get around in. The most memorable times were meeting people from around the country and world that came in for the week.  Swimming in the lava pools next to the ocean was pretty cool.

We took a couple days and drove around the island and took the road to Hana and camped out in Haleakalā National Park Hana. We got up at sunrise the next day, hiked up the mountain through the bamboo forest, along the 7 sacred pools.  We got in the water and swam from pool to pool all the way back to the ocean.

Fall 1993 – Study Abroad England

In my final year semester of college I attended Nottingham University in Nottingham England.  My girlfriend at the time, wife now, came over for about a month and lived with my in my dorm room.  She shared my meal plan and I got her into cafeteria when I could.  While there we traveled to London for a few days, and Wales for another weekend trip.  We also took a week long trip on with our Eurail pass….More to come.

I own a Carryout Courier, a multi-restaurant delivery service serving York and Lancaster PA. I also own a real estate investment business.

I have done business development and consulting for 20 plus other businesses, checkout my creative links page for a sampling.